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Brazil: great opportunities

The combination of institutional and macroeconomic stability, sustained growth, and strong social inclusion and income distribution policies points to a new Brazil in the international scenario. With a population of 190.6 million, Brazil is the world’s tenth biggest economy. The Brazilian economy has sound foundations: inflation at 5% per annum, sustainable economic growth around 4% p.a., and fiscal stability with a primary public surplus equivalent to 4.1% of the GDP in 2008. Featuring continental dimensions (the fifth largest country in the world, with 8.5 million square kilometers), Brazil has developed a number high technology clusters.

Major international rating agencies have granted Brazil the investment grade. The Brazilian institutional environment provides investors with a safe option for investment, not to mention the modern, efficient financial system. The Brazilian industrial sector is quite diversified, comprising from capital goods industries to consumer goods manufacturers.

One of the main factors behind Brazil’s success has been the combination of sustainable economic growth and social inclusion. In recent years, millions of people entered the local consumer market and strengthened their citizenship. In addition to its growing domestic market, the country is a robust export platform as well.

Brazil’s share of the world trade increased from 0.9% in 2000 to 1.2% in 2007, with exports growing from US$ 55.1 billion to US$ 160.6 billion in the period. The Brazilian foreign policy has opened up new markets and established solid partnerships in many regions of the world, with the resulting export diversification. Moreover, Brazil has consolidated its role in the global economy by playing a decisive part in the main international forums.

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